Recent Updates

New Rug Inventory

This month we got 30 new 9×12 rugs in our showroom.

Among the new rugs we received some are Persian Heriz rugs. They are a true classic with their tribal design and red saturated colors.

We also received some Pakistani rugs with traditional Moroccan designs. Their simple black and white color scheme complements a more modern feel.

When it comes to neutrals, we also have our neutral Indian rugs.

We also got a couple of beautiful Pakistani Serapi rugs to add more color to any room.

We also have a new and very popular design called Colorful Oushak rugs that are produced in Pakistan. They have a beautiful neutral tone with a hint of color hence the name.

We also got a bunch of other rugs that are worth seeing. Remember, images do not do rugs justice. It is so difficult to capture a rugs true colors with a picture. So it is best to see any rug in person before committing to it.

You can see all the 9×12 selection of rugs on the sidebar under the Tag Cloud 9×12.

Link Here for 9×12 Rugs.